Theaitrobot: An Interactive Tool For Generating Theatre Play Scripts

Rudolf Rosa, Patrícia Schmidtová, Alisa Zakhtarenko, Ondrej Dusek, Tomáš Musil, David Mareček, Saad Obaid Ul Islam, Marie Nováková, Klára Vosecká, Daniel Hrbek, David Košťák

Demo/Poster Session 2 - Wednesday 07/20 15:00 EST
Abstract: We present a free online demo of THEaiTRobot, an open-source bilingual tool for interactively generating theatre play scripts, in two versions. THEaiTRobot 1.0 uses the GPT-2 language model with minimal adjustments. THEaiTRobot 2.0 uses two models created by fine-tuning GPT-2 on purposefully collected and processed datasets and several other components, generating play scripts in a hierarchical fashion (title $ ightarrow$ synopsis $ ightarrow$ script). The underlying tool is used in the THEaiTRE project to generate scripts for plays, which are then performed on stage by a professional theatre.