Bits Pilani At Hinglisheval: Quality Evaluation For Code-Mixed Hinglish Text Using Transformers

Shaz Furniturewala, Vijay Kumari, Amulya Ratna Dash, Hriday Kedia, Naman Ahuja, Yashvardhan Sharma

GenChal - Thursday 07/21 12:00 EST
Abstract: Code-Mixed text data consists of sentences having words or phrases from more than one language. Most multi-lingual communities worldwide communicate using multiple languages, with English usually one of them. Hinglish is a Code-Mixed text composed of Hindi and English but written in Roman script. This paper aims to determine the factors influencing the quality of Code-Mixed text data generated by the system. For the HinglishEval task, the proposed model uses multilingual BERT to find the similarity between synthetically generated and human-generated sentences to predict the quality of synthetically generated Hinglish sentences.